DigiCollab - Collaborating and developing the AEC digital environment


The integration of Digital and Collaborative has formed DigiCollab - a business which is collaborating and developing the AEC digital environment.

Our name accurately reflects the company ethos and wider business aspiration. The evolution of our team draws strength and experience from cross-vertical Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors.


We all share a common enthusiasm and intrigue in how technology can be harnessed to help our customers. We challenge normal conventions and thinking. DigiCollab strives to be a disruptive innovation specialist within the AEC sector – let’s collaborate and make a difference.

Who are we?

We are an innovative Cambridge-based digital service partner. We are a team with AEC backgrounds. We are a leader in applying technology within the built-environment.

How do we operate?

We look to understand your existing processes and augment them with digital workflows and technology.

Why use us?

We were established to surpass the growing digital demands of today’s clients. We are committed to filling a technological gap in the AEC marketplace.