BIM Consultancy Services

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Define your Organisational and Project BIM Objectives with our BIM Consulting Services.

DigiCollab offer a suite of consulting services to support Clients, Designers, Contractors and Maintenance providers.



  • BIM Client Introductory Training

  • BIM Client Consulting

  • BIM Documentation

  • Employer’s BIM Representative

  • BIM-FM and asset data design

  • Design Team BIM Consulting

  • Digital Reality Content

  • Revit-API and computational design solutions

How educated is your workforce on BIM?

BIM Client Introductory Training We will educate and enrich your workforce with BIM know-how training and Continuing Professional Development CPD.

What can BIM do for your organisational objectives?

BIM Client Consulting We will support you in realizing your strategic visions by translating BIM organisational objectives to BIM Project Requirements via BIM briefing workshops.

How clear is your set of BIM documentation?

BIM Documentation We write and assess both Organisational and Project level BIM documentation. Documents include BIM Organisational Information Requirements (OIR), Employers Information Requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plans (BEP), Master Production Delivery Tables (MPDT) and Master Information Delivery Plans (MIDP).

Who represents your company in realising its BIM objectives?

Employer’s BIM Representative We will represent you and perform the critical intermediary project role between technical BIM parties and Management teams.

Who is managing the production or integration of digital data?

BIM-FM and Asset Data Design We will support you and any design/consultant appointments – i.e. Architect/Lead Designer, Project Management Consultants, Facilities Management (FM) Teams – in the design, integration and management of digital asset and facilities data.

What BIM expertise do you have in-house?

Design Team BIM Consulting We can embed a BIM resource within your project Design Team and provide a depth of BIM knowledge and capability. This may include services from representing the company in BIM workshops through to editing and authoring BIM documentation for appointment purposes.

How are you using digital reality to enrich your workforce?

Digital Reality Content We create Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) content to engage, inform and educate your workforce, stakeholders and clients. Digital content allows pre-procurement visualisation which enables more cost-effective decision making.

What Revit-API, computational design and modelling automation expertise do you have?

Revit-API and Computational Design Solutions We design scripts and plug-and-play workflows to solve design, repetition and data-driven modelling problems. We can automate highly repetitive and tedious tasks to increase designer productivity and get behind the graphic user interface (GUI) of your design tools to extend their functionality.

How successfully is BIM implemented on your projects?

BIM Meeting Facilitation

We engage your project teams with project BIM kick-off meetings, ongoing coordination workshops, BIM-FM integration launch sessions and project BIM close-out sessions.

How usable, relevant and reliable is the BIM data being produced for and provided to you?

Information Exchange and Asset Data

We collaborate with Facilities Management (FM) Teams and translate their requirements into BIM Asset Information Requirements (AIR). We can manage and audit asset data to ensure usable, relevant and reliable asset Information Exchange – be it COBie or to any other specification or structure.

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