DigiCollab Continue to Offer Clients Enhanced Visual Insight

Following an initial point cloud scan and BIM model creation, DigiCollab were delighted to be contacted by a Client seeking visual proposals for further modifications. DigiCollab are continuing to develop the Client's 3D BIM model to clearly illustrate their intentions for alteration works allowing 'virtual decision making'.

“Maintaining strong relationships and repeat custom with clients is vital to our business. We take great pride in what we do and always look to deliver great outcomes for our clients.” he continued “We are always thrilled to be contacted by Clients who have embraced the power of digital prototyping. Be it modification works to existing spaces or large schemes, there is significant value in using mobile and digital tools to simulate and visualise spaces, finishes or processes. We can tailor experiences to Clients to enable a highly productive 'decision-making forum'. Taking the often iterative design process and augmenting it in this way results in increased Client certainty and better management of Client expectations.”

DigiCollab continue to work closely with the client and look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship.