DigiCollab ‘Dive’ into Stage 5 Modelling & Coordination for Smooth Project Delivery

DigiCollab is a specialist provider of MEP coordination modelling for stage 5 projects.

With over 100 years of combined services coordination experience, the team can help with projects in a variety of industries, ensuring that all services are installed with the fewest hurdles and hassles possible. This is crucial for finishing projects on time, on budget, and on schedule.

One of their most recent projects is a multi-level, multi-use leisure facility, featuring intricate installations, settings, and situations. Throughout the project's construction delivery phase, the team has been tasked with delivering M&E coordination and Stage 5 modelling to the complex site.

DigiCollab developed a highly accurate and thorough coordinated MEP model for the project in collaboration with the main contractor and specialist trade teams. The model is to a high degree of geometric detail, taking into account the project's coordination and fabrication requirements and capturing structured and relevant data for latter operational value

As a result, this enabled relevant clash detection during the coordination phase and significant insights to installation teams, clients, and stakeholders - allowing them to visualise the interfaces between disciplines and make any necessary changes quickly.

“As an organisation, we pride ourselves on generating high-level detailed drawing outputs for our clients and this 2D information is extracted directly from our 3D models,” stated Adam West, Managing Director of DigiCollab.

“We strongly believe that the higher the degree of detail supplied, the better the client's procurement, installation, and programme decisions will be – resulting in a cost-effective project and ultimately saving time and resources,” he stated.

The DigiCollab team has been releasing BIM coordination updates regularly to aid in the creation of a more efficient workflow for collaboration, coordination, and installation.

They've been exchanging federated models via an online platform managed by DigiCollab in order to process, navigate, and analyse data, as well as creating issue reports and disseminating them to project stakeholders to resolve issues and assure the project's seamless delivery.

The project is already well underway, and the team is producing high-quality 3D models with all of the necessary parameter and property data.

This will ensure that the asset data provided to Facilities and Estates Management teams after handover is useable, relevant, and reliable, allowing them to continue to understand and maintain digital models and asset data.

The DigiCollab team provide a variety of additional services spanning the lifecycle of a built asset, from early BIM consultancy and definition services to stage 5 MEP modelling and coordination and beyond via post-handover support packages and scan-to-BIM services which allow reverse-engineering of existing facilities. This variety of services prevent value to Clients, Designer Consultant, Contractors, and Maintenance Providers alike.