DigiCollab use digitisation to enhance historic 1970s design records

Imagine the challenge of monitoring and maintaining 400 metres of deep-water facilities, with limited as-built data available and decades of un-documented maintenance having taken place.

That was the situation one Water Facilities Specialist was faced with. They were unable to access accurate up-to-date records of the facilities and had no means of efficiently managing their assets.

Fortunately, DigiCollab were able to offer them an effective and affordable solution.

Partnering with the Water Facilities Specialists, DigiCollab received over 3TB of point cloud data to be collated with records dating back to the 1970’s. They were called upon to combine and convert the point cloud datasets and provide dimensionally accurate 3D asset information models for the client.

From the point cloud data, the team were able to deliver 3D BIM for the 400 meters of deep-water facilities, which included structural and services modelling to meet with the clients' dimensional tolerances.

For the client to best utilise the information, the modelled output was delivered as a set of coordinated, updated electronic drawings – extracted from the 3D models. In addition, web-hosted and mobile viewable models, VR-compatible models and a VR compatible asset models were provided.

“This was a really interesting project, and very typical of older structures where there are very limited, or outdated records available. We were pleased to be able to work with the client, to provide accurate data, enabling us to bring the past records right up to date. The new data will no doubt enable the client to have a true understanding of their assets”

DigiCollab is continuing to support the client in the progression of how they will use this data throughout the organisation. But one thing is for certain, it will add value to the facilities and asset management and provide wider visibility of their portfolio.