How DigiCollab can bring a Client’s vision closer to reality.

Back in the summer, DigiCollab were contacted to survey an existing property and produce an accurate 3D model and conceptual visualisations.

Khai Fletcher, Director, DigiCollab said “We were contacted and asked to provide the client with a 3D model and conceptual visualisations. In order to do this we conducted internal laser scanning, external façade scanning and topographical surveys”

“We then took the data from the 3D survey and were able to create a full 3D model, Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs, rendered images and meshed objects”

Through these Scan-to-BIM services, the team were able to provide the client with digital models of the space, enabling them to experience immersive renovation options, select their favoured design and communicate this clearly with their Contractor who also benefited from the 3D visualizations.

The work was carried out quickly and efficiently, meeting the client brief, on time and in budget.