How Scanning Can Help You Make Better Procurement Decisions

DigiCollab was contacted by a client who was looking for new plant to add to an existing space.

The team employed scanning technology within the area to generate a hybrid point cloud and model to enable the facilities manager to visualize the design idea.

This model was viewed online and on-site and used to gain stakeholder input and facilitate the comprehension of the proposed design, including spatial fit and how the new plant will be installed within the complex operations-critical environment.

It allowed the client to better understand how the plant would fit into the current layout and how it could be maintained in this setting.

In addition, by scanning the area, the team was able to offer the Estate and Facilities management team updated building records and asset information.

These records can help with plant procurement and replacement by identifying installation, access, and maintenance issues, as well as determining a procurement strategy and easing the decision of whether plant should be purchased pre-assembled or assembled in situ due to space constraints – a pain point that is often encountered when bringing new or replacement plant into an existing set-up.