Point Cloud Scanning Facilitates Client Decision Making

DigiCollab was appointed to undertake point cloud scanning as part of a feasibility review on behalf of a local NHS department that was in the process of upgrading the boiler house's outdated plant.

The client had to consider several factors as part of this project, not least the fact that the upgrades needed to be carried out within a 'live' environment.

Since the gas lines from the boiler house supplied a large area of the NHS facility, the client needed to be sure that the removal of the old boiler and the installation of the new boiler could happen in one smooth operation before starting any work.

DigiCollab created dimensional data for spatial planning reasons using point cloud scanning, allowing the client to see the area available for the boiler replacement.

The team scanned the boiler house to show the available space, the plant's current dimensions, and the space available for the new plant, including room for access and maintenance.

The team used a 3D scan of the exterior area – both the preferred and secondary access routes – to determine the optimum approach to deliver the new boiler, ensuring that the delivery vehicle could not only reach but also manoeuvre in the outdoor space.

As a result of the data provided, the appropriate plant was procured by the client. Before the replacement project took place, modifications were made to the boiler house's entry to guarantee that the new plant would fit into the available area safely.