Technological solutions to construction industry challenges...

At DigiCollab, we love finding technological solutions to construction industry challenges.

This year we have responded to a variety of requirements ranging from Big Data management for a large pharmaceutical client in Cambridge, to BIM-FM support for a genomics Client in the South East and scan-to-BIM projects including a heritage museum structure in London.

Our services span project work-stages 1-7 enabling us to solve design and construction challenges for a variety of project stakeholders.

Our 4 services are:





In this post we will focus on 7 different 3D scanning and visualisation capabilities and the benefits they deliver.

Heritage Buildings - we can perform scanning work specifically for heritage structures. The benefit being we can produce models and drawings where limited or no dimensional records exist helping document some of the most historically rich structures.

Space Planning - we can provide 3D surveying to create massed models for space planning purposes. Our space planning models offer the advantages of known volumes, heights, areas, wall thicknesses and void depths in addition to traditional measurement.

Scan-to-BIM - we offer scan-to-BIM solutions to create intelligent models from survey data. The positive being these models are a digital representation of your asset allowing you to visualise, plan and maintain your building with justified data.

Record of Installation - we can perform as-built scans and record scanning. The benefit of this scanning is it allows a comparison of Client brief and design intent to physical install conditions. This service gives Client confidence verification work has been performed.

Refurbishment Projects - we can provide models for the specific purpose of refurbishment and remodelling projects. The advantage of our refurbishment models is they support Designers in understanding the interfaces and relationships between existing and new buildings.

Object Creation - we can create 3D objects, models and content libraries. The Client benefit is we can convert existing objects to accurate model representation - be it bespoke laboratory equipment, mechanical components or architectural entourage.

Retrospective Modelling - we provide retrospective modelling work from our scan and survey data. The advantage is you can unify and refresh modelling and design performed over time. We can bring your old projects up to date with their current condition.

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