Using Scanning Technologies to Create Accurate Building Records.

When working on existing buildings, a common obstacle is a lack of building records, which means there is no existing service background information to work with.

This is precisely the situation in which one of our clients recently found themselves.

They were assigned to work on an industrial warehouse that had no existing building documents despite only being built in the late 1980s.

The DigiCollab team was contacted to scan the building and convert it into a set of accurate, dependable CAD data, which the client could then use to help with asset identification and sizing, as well as judgments about what should be removed and what could be reused.

Where there had previously been no records, DigiCollab was able to establish precise records of the existing services installation.

As a result, the designers working on the project had trustworthy background material on which to base their ideas for facility upgrades.

The new records capture the whole scope of existing services and may be turned into CAD forms to facilitate future refits, additions, and renovations.

These updated records also allow users to take a more modern approach to asset management by allowing for online hosting, mobile viewing, and connection to other documents and databases.