We continue to invest heavily in our digital hardware and software to expedite our service delivery within the AEC sector

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Scan-to-BIM and Digitisation

Our Services

Utilise accurate and intelligent 3D models with our Scan-to-BIM and Digitisation services.

We support Clients, Designers, Contractors and Building maintainers alike with the production and delivery of intelligent 3D models.


  • Point Cloud Scanning

  • Mesh Model Scanning and Photogrammetry

  • 3D Measured Surveys

  • Scan-to-BIM

  • 3D Survey Model Production

How accurate, reliable and productive are your current content capture methods?

Point Cloud Scanning We perform point cloud surveys with laser instrumentation and use a spectrum of dataset manipulation algorithms. We can perform highly productive 3D content capture for practices such as spatial planning, reverse-engineering, heritage design and comparative record modelling… to name a few.

How representative are your object and equipment models?

Mesh Model Scanning and Photogrammetry We deploy real-time mesh capture instrumentation and photo-realistic photogrammetry to produce highly detailed object models of your equipment, assets and entourage.

How informative and functional is the survey data you acquire?

3D Measured Surveys We provide measured datasets to provide rich contextual site information and enable Clients to acquire site information in readiness for the commission of design.

What digital information do you hold for your property, assets or portfolio?

Scan-to-BIM We conduct 3D measured surveys and scans of operational and in-progress structures and environments. Whether you are seeking a digital model of a live commercial plant space an as-built scan to check construction accuracy against design or you are the Client of a private home wanting to visualize future renovations in 3D – we can support you with our scan-to-BIM services.

How much effort is required to begin designing in 3D with the survey data you receive?

3D Survey Model Production We create optimized 3D survey models from our measured datasets to communicate comprehensive spatial and context information and enable Designers to accelerate the production of Design.